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MycAssay™ Pneumocystis is a rapid, molecular
based assay for detecting the common respiratory
fungal pathogen Pneumocystis jirovecii in human
clinical respiratory specimens.

The kit is designed for use by qualified laboratory
professionals; its results assist physicians to arrive
at the correct diagnosis in immunocompromised
adult patients suspected of having a life-threatening
respiratory infection.

Pneumocystis jirovecii

  • Is typically associated with HIV/AIDS
  • May be found in other immunocompromised patient groups and as it is not possible to culture, the methods for detection are restricted.

MycAssay™ Pneumocystis is an alternative for current microscopic methods. Traditional methods used in the diagnosis of invasive fungal infections have limitations associated with poor sensitivity and specificity; Myconostica’s kit offers increased sensitivity, specificity and speed of diagnosis, all of which are key factors critical to improving patient survival rates.

MycAssay™ Pneumocystis
detects P. jirovecii DNA in clinical respiratory samples. Using MycAssay in conjunction Myconostica's fungal DNA extraction system, MycXtra®,  a result can be obtained in less than 3 hours following sample receipt.

Features of MycAssay™ Pneumocystis:

  • Validated for use on the following platforms: Cepheid SmartCycler®, AB7500, LightCycler® 2.0 and Stratagene Mx3000 series
  • Ensures high analytical sensitivity and specificity: Limid of Detection < 35 target copies
  • Set-up is very simple, taking approximately 10-15 minutes
  • Run-time is less than 2 hours
  • Internal amplification control in every reaction to highlight false negative results
  • Closed tube reactions and single use reagents
  • Kit contains sufficient reagents for up to 38 reactions plus positive and negative controls

This product is not for sale for diagnostic use in the USA