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Effective extraction of fungal DNA from
clinical respiratory samples

MycXtra® extracts and purifies fungal DNA from clinical bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) and other respiratory samples. MycXtra® is ideal for the first stage in sample processing and analysis providing PCR quality DNA.

Free of contaminants

An acknowledged problem when obtaining fungal
DNA from clinical samples has been contamination with fungal spores from the extraction kit. Myconostica has resolved this issue by using components tested to be free of any contaminating fungal DNA.

Inhibitor removal

Many clinical samples contain PCR inhibitors such
as heparin and tobramycin. An additional key feature of the MycXtra® kit is the removal of many Real-Time PCR inhibitors from clinical respiratory samples, ensuring reliable detection of specific fungal DNA.

Each kit contains enough material for ten extractions.


The simplicity of the method and the ability to perform up to ten extractions in sixty minutes with minimal specialised equipment makes MycXtra® the automatic choice for efficient sample flow.




Minimal equipment

The only specialised equipment required is a Vortex Genie 2 which is widely available, plus an Adaptor Plate, which is available from Myconostica.


The product is designed to be free of contaminating DNA, ensuring reliability in results every time.


The bead beating method breaks tough fungal cell walls which ensures high yields from both fungal hyphae and spores.


Fungal DNA extraction is recognised as a difficult process. MycXtra® standardises this critical step and provides a reliable, reproducible foundation upon which subsequent analyses can be performed with increased confidence.